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TJ recently gave a talk at TEDx Manitoba. This is it.



Dr. Gabor Mate joined TJ for numerous Q & A's after his performances of Medicine at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver. Here are excerpts from one of them: 




TJ's show Maxim & Cosmo examined the battle of the sexes. Here's TJ's take on what women really want:




This is a monologue TJ did at a cabaret in Winnipeg a few years ago, looking at Canada's national anthem:



Greg Landucci performs a routine from Dishpig, verbally representing a busy night in a restaurant kitchen's dishpit:



Here's a routine from TJ's monologue The Slipknot - the jargon routine, full of high speed patter:

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To inquire about any of TJ’s past or current projects, send him an email: thepurplepick (at) yahoo (dot) ca TJ’s literary agent is Rena Zimmerman at Great North Artists

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